Strengthen the customer relationship with email marketing

No matter what business you run or what you sell, it is always important to have a good relationship with your customers. Here, e-mail marketing is a powerful tool, as newsletters help to create trust around your company and your product as well as build customer loyalty, as well as newsletters also help to create recognizability around your brand.

At iGenius, our email marketing specialists are ready to help you with everything from setting up your newsletter to producing relevant content and sending out newsletters. In close collaboration with you, we develop the email marketing strategy that can take your newsletters to a whole new level.

Email Marketing

A 100% transparent process

Initially, we’ll talk about what you want to get out of your newsletters. Is it about creating awareness around your brand, or do you want to pamper your newsletter recipients with a lot of great benefits that strengthen the relationship between your customers and your business? The structure of your newsletters is very much about what you want to achieve with them, as the content is tailored to this. Then you and the specialist agree on what your newsletter should look like in terms of design, and draw up a strategy for your campaigns.

Review of email account

The first thing our newsletter expert does is examine your relationship with newsletters. Have you worked with email marketing before, or is it your first time? If you have previously worked with newsletters in Mailchimp, Heyloyalty or a third system, our specialist conducts a technical review of the associated account in relation to whether the rules and legal requirements for e-mail marketing are complied with, as well as whether there are visible unsubscribe links and contact information in the newsletters. footer.

Design Draft

Once the formalities are in place, our specialist designs a design template based on the design of your website. This means that we provide a design for your newsletters that matches the visual identity and expression of your website. When the design is complete, it will be sent to you for approval.

Solving Issue of newsletter

Should you have corrections to the design, our specialist will correct it, and as soon as the final design draft is approved, we will send out your newsletter. An automated welcome email is always included when you let us handle your email marketing. If the welcome email is sent directly after subscribing to the newsletter list, the recipients are more likely to open the email because they know what they are receiving. At the same time, they get the opportunity to see the design in your newsletters, which can help to create greater security.

Email Marketing

Get started with newsletters at iGenius

At iGenius, you have the opportunity to choose between two types of email marketing, depending on what suits you best. If you are looking for help getting started with newsletters, we offer a solution where we set up an email account in either Mailchimp or Heyloyalty, where we ensure that all legal requirements are complied with. Then we provide a design template and a welcome email that matches your business. Once this is set up, you are ready to work on building and sending out newsletters yourself. The second option is for you who want us to take care of it all. This solution involves the same as above, but the difference is that we take care of sending out all your newsletters.

Together with you, our specialist sets up your newsletters in relation to both design and content. You send a few keywords for content, and then our specialist makes sure that both text, images, graphic material, links and subject line are razor sharp. In addition, we continuously process and evaluate the data that we collect. We use this data to adjust and improve your newsletters. You will receive a monthly report on how your newsletters and campaigns are performing, and we can use this to target your newsletters.

Get help producing relevant content for your newsletters

If you let iGenius take care of your e-mail marketing, you are guaranteed well-worked newsletters. We provide proper content, where every single part is carefully thought out. When it comes to newsletters, it is important to stick to one message or one theme per page. newsletter. That way, you can keep your customers’ interests and not least focus, so that they feel like reading the newsletter to the end. What your newsletter should specifically contain is entirely up to you and your purpose with newsletters.

For example, you can choose to produce newsletters about:

Whether you want to use the newsletters to create awareness about your company and brand, or you want to create a personal connection with your customers, we at iGenius are ready to help you develop the right strategy. Keep in mind that the recipients of your newsletters are a long-term investment, and with the right care and good, personal contact, they should probably give back through loyalty and conversions.

Collect your customers' email addresses with efficient lead generation

Of course, being able to send out newsletters requires that you have your customers’ email addresses. There are a number of different ways to gather the information you need. At iGenius, we work with lead generation in three different ways:

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